Tadeushevich Stop

Russia • born in 1936

In CDHS Director, 1961 , the Deputy Director 1967

Born in 1936 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow pedagogical Institute. V. Potemkin, art-graphic faculty (1960). Studied at the educators B. Nemensky, A. Lavrov, A. Laptev. Since 1968 he has been teaching, working for book publishers.

For his efforts, the artist awarded with diplomas and prizes of the Ministry of culture and the Union of artists, the Federation of cosmonautics of the Committee for physical culture and sports, the silver medal Grekov.

The artist's works are in the State Museum of fine arts. A. S. Pushkin, the State literary Museum of A. S. Pushkin, in art galleries Khabarovsk, Kuibyshev, Ufa, Sevastopol, Murmansk, Magadan, Odessa and other cities. Works G. T. Foot became part of the collections of forty museums and private collections in the USA, France, Belgium, Germany, Finland.

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