Georgievich Struchkov

Russia • born in 1940

Biography and information

Sergey Georgievich Pods worked at the School for about thirty years. For many years he was head of scenic classes. Being a talented painter, with a gift of color and flavor, it is sensitively presented the ways of development, methods of subject - one of the basics in the development and education of the young artist. Having a wide pedagogical experience, Sergey Georgievich delicately shared the secrets of doing art with young pedagogami. Its full-scale productions have always been marked by taste, they have clearly outlined tasks and requirements to students. And how many wonderful exhibitions, the organizer of which was S. G. Struchkov, passed in front of us. Their design, aesthetics and the idea was defined Sergey Georgievich. While traveling with students on plein-air practice Sergey Georgievich carefully and demanding determined the meaning of work in the air, seeking horoshih results. He paternally organized travel life guys. As Chairman of the cyclic Commission of painting, Sergey Georgievich participated actively in the methodological work, national conferences, preparing and organizing reporting and picturesque exhibition of theses of students. A kind and helpful person, wise and extremely humble, S. G. Pods have much time to do for home School. His leadership of the subject has contributed to a positive state scenic education of students. He was able to instill in students an understanding of the basics of painting, armed with their technical craft and brought the love to the secrets of pictorial art. Unfortunately, the life of Sergei Georgievich was cut short unjustly before. The memory of him, gratitude to him playing in the trail. I thank the fate that gave a long chat with this remarkable man, a fine painter, who managed to Express in his work its special beauty and love.

(the author of the article "the Exhibition of memory of the teacher BLUNDER..." Boris Malinkowski)

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