Ivanovich Sukharev

Russia • born in 1960

Biography and information

Born in 1960 in Moscow.

Graduated from art-graphic faculty of Moscow State pedagogical University and the Faculty of theory and history of arts Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture the Russian Academy of Arts. Finished the postgraduate studies at the chair of drawing in the art-graphic faculty of Moscow state pedagogical University and defended his thesis (composition in art easel and book graphics). The candidate of pedagogical Sciences (art pedagogy).

Member of Moscow Union of Artists (section easel).

Member of the International Association of art (UNESCO) (section of painting).

Member of the International Art Fund (section of painting).

Participant of many Moscow, all-Russian and international art exhibitions (drawing, painting).

Paintings and graphic works are owned by the Russian Academy of Arts, the Museum of history of Moscow, in private collections of Russia, Germany, Italy, and France.

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