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Ivanovich Tvorozhnikov


Painter, really. member. Peterb. AH (1906). B. D. Zhukov in Tver. . (chimes) in the family of serfs, at the age of 12 sent to St. Petersburg for work, studied at school of the society for the encouragement of arts and at the Academy of arts (1868-75), and taught there from 1895 (1898 Professor), repeatedly came to the sketches in Tver. lips. DOS. the theme of the paintings - hard peasant share. In Tver. region cards. Gal. the work of T. - "the Seller obrazkov" (1889), "Old", "Old" sketch "Mountain." In 1937 the house, in a rum until 1860 he lived, and afterwards repeatedly visited T. D. transferred from żukowo in the village of Redkino, Konakovskiy R-on, in 1974, was installed on the house meme. the Board Lit.: Rogozhin N. P., From the fortified village to the academician in the collection: the Materials research society of the Tver region, 6; Tver, 1926; Mikhailov Ivan Curd "Artist", 1987, N 12.

The son of a peasant of the Klin district, Moscow province, to get a decent art education. He graduated from the Academy of fine arts, where his work received small and large silver medals. As academics, I. Curd wrote the iconostasis of the churches of Astrakhan there are also two portrait of Emperor Alexander II that the Tsar during his visit to this city is like. Graduated from the young artist his training at the Academy, small and large gold medals for running programs: "David playing the harp before Saul" (1873) and "the Apostle Paul explains the tenets of the faith in the presence of king Agrippa and his sister Veronica" (1875). Got the Curd and the title of class artist of the first degree. With a pensioner's own trip, which he relied for a gold medal, came a small confusion: the artist had to pass a theoretical academic course, to master which he just could not.

Apparently, annoyance I. I. Curd abandoned biblical and historical themes in his work and turned to gaining strength in Russia genre direction in painting. After the painting "the Lieutenant Vasily Mirovich the corpse of Ioann Antonovich of the 5th of July 1764, in the fortress of Shlisselburg" (1884), he wrote "Scenes of everyday life of village life" (1886), "Seller soul-saving books" (1888), "Grandmother and granddaughter", "Boy wood" (both 1889).

In 1895, assumed the duties of teacher in the life class of the Academy of Arts; temporarily saudifal the Studio of Professor supervisor from October 1897 to September 1, 1898; October 1, 1898 he was appointed profession art in nature class; in 1906, the title of academician. (Kondakov)

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