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Vladimirovich Telin

Russia • born in 1966

Biography and information

Born in 1966 in Moscow. In 1990 he graduated from Moscow GOV't. khudozh. Institute. V. I. Surikov.
Admitted to the Union of artists of Russia in 1992
Participant of many Moscow, Russian and international exhibitions
Awarded the diploma of the State Academy of Fine arts, the Russian Union of Artist and Moscow Union of Artists.
Grant of the Russian Union of artists for a series of children's portraits. He was awarded two prizes at the London art Biennale 2015 Art Biennale in Chianciano (Italy)
Until 1984 - Moscow Lyceum of fine arts - part of the Academie of Fine Art named after Vasily Surikov
1984 - 1990 - Moscow state art Institute named after Vasily Surikov
since 1992 - member of the Moscow Union of artists 2006 - film debut as producing artistic Director and artistic Director from 2013 - member of the Malta Union of artists
Since 1987 takes part in major exhibitions of the Moscow Union of artists and the Moscow society of artists.
1993 - personal exhibition in artists Union of Russia.
1998 - personal exhibition in the Russian State Duma. 2007 - personal exhibition in Union of artists "Friday night" 2013 - personal exhibition at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Malta
2013 - Malta art Biennale (Paris)
2013 - personal exhibition Radisson (Malta)
2013-2014 group exhibition at the Cathedral Museum of Mdina (Malta) – "Masters of the future"
2014 - Kolner Liste Russian gallery "Everything is Art" Cologne
2014 - July - group exhibition in Moscow Zverev center
2014 - September - group exhibition at the Ludwig Museum Koblenz
2014 - November – group exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne
2014 - art fair in Miami CONCEPT
2015 Art Biennale - London
2015 Art Biennale at the Art Museum of Chianciano (Italy)
2015 - Personal Exhibition In The Maltese Union Of Artists
2015 - Group exhibition at AGORA Gallery new York
Credo of the artist

My entire adult life I focused on painting. All I know is the fruit of painstaking surveys and research in the field of art and the world. Each canvas which I leave to the viewer carries the original story told in the language of Painting...what is Art? Even connoisseurs of art are rarely able to articulate what distinguishes paintings from paintings are made with paint, but it is not a painting. In our fertile time for creativity, abundant artistic trends and directions, giving an incredible technical ability to create images crystallize the fundamental concepts in the visual arts. So the concept, the term Painting, does not apply to any work performed by the paint...In my understanding, the original emotion of the painter's color, the flavor, the mystery of turning paint into color! When the color and flavor dictate the plot ,composition ,technique and size of the work. This persistent privezenceva most painters to oil painting, painstaking and complex, but allows the artist to achieve subtle color scheme, and color, created with oil paint, it becomes even more precious and filled with inner light! Connoisseurs know the magic of carnival painting, it is believed that paintings with years appended.... In my opinion, the piece is created in the name of the color, the images created by the colors ,the plot ,the story told by the color. the magic of transforming the paint into colour, is the Painting !/...you can draw a parallel with the poetry...not all words that even rhymed poetry; music...not all made the sound of music ;not all made with paint..painting/.Therefore, the poetic vision of the poet, the ear of a musician and cvetovete for a painter is of utmost importance. The world around us is surprisingly deep in colour, harmonious and fabulous!!!This mega beauty has many features to expression one of them, which I hope involved is Painting. The plot for the paintings comes from the outside world, it captures and maintains ...for all time of work on canvas usually comes to the symbolism and allegorical, dismissing all unnecessary and random...there comes a stage when the pattern dictates to the author what you need to complete, at this stage, lose the objectivity of the perception of their own work...and only on the verge of a subconscious feeling of how have achieved that for which raised the brush....