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Stepanovich Tereshchenko

born in 1941

Biography and information


Graduated from the Leningrad Academy of M. S. H. a Participant of numerous exhibitions in Russia and internationally. From the late 90s. he mostly lives and works in Italy under the patronage of the Maecenas of the Painting V. V. S. Tereshchenko are in museums and private collections in many countries.

Born in the city of Irkutsk in 1941. The father of the future artist Stepan Tereshchenko Titovich the family was exiled in 1937 from Mogilev former wealthy burghers. The head of the family, grandfather Titus Gerasimovich and his elder son Semyon was shot in Siberia in 1938. The artist's mother Anna Volchatova from a family of old believers exiled - grandfather, Alexander, the commodity flows Volchatov was a churchwarden in the village of OEK, near Irkutsk, lake Baikal. The grandmother, from the family of the exiled Decembrist Komarov-Pechora specific to perpetual exile in the village of OEK, after serving fifteen years of hard labor in Nerchinsk town. After Hitler's attack on Russia on 22 June 1941, the father of the future artist was called to the front, where he died. The artist's mother with the newly born Valentin went to the city of Kansk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, for my father's mother Eudoxia. In this city and spent his childhood Valentin Tereshchenko. Kansk in those days was the centre of the so-called KRASLAG (Krasnoyarsk camp). An amazing bunch of human lives and outstanding personalities - repressed intelligentsia, criminals, prisoners of the Japanese, Germans, people of different nationalities, religions, political beliefs.

In this simple atmosphere formed the character and views of the future artist. In Kansk from the first days of school Valentine met with the exiled family of artists of German Andre Dilem, and his son the artist Bruno Diehl became the first teacher and mentor Valentin Tereshchenko for many years. Bruno Diehl prepared a Valentine to enroll in only at that time, Siberia is a professional art institution in the Irkutsk art College, where Valentin successfully passing the exam were enrolled at the age of 14 years, in class exiled Moscow artist, a pupil of Igor Grabar, Irma Hecker. After the third year he goes to study at the Studio of the future academician Anatoly Alekseev who has successfully graduated from College in 1960.

In 1960-1961 Valentin works as a teacher of drawing and painting at the school in the town of Kansk. In 1961 he entered the Leningrad Art Institute. I. Repin, in the workshop of Alexander Sokolov.

In 1962 called up for active military service. Serves as a sailor in the Baltic Fleet. In 1965 demobilized and is working in Kaliningrad (Konigsberg) Director of children's art school.

In 1969 he continued his studies at the art Institute, but on their historical Motherland in Belarus in the Minsk Theatre and Art Institute. In 1974, he graduated from his workshop Professor Peter Sharangovich. In the same year to become a member of the Union of artists of the USSR and is involved in an active creative life. Works as an art editor in a publishing house, the chief artist of the art-industrial complex of the Russian Federation in the city of Tomsk. In 1982 he moved to Moscow and was engaged only in painting. In the period 1970-2003 the artist has participated in over 100 art exhibitions of various ranks, both in Russia and abroad. About 20 personal exhibitions in different countries of the world.

In 1971 he was awarded the diploma of the USSR Academy of Arts.

In 1979, on the basis of his personal exhibition was created only for those times in Siberia, a rural Art Gallery in the village Gubino of the Tomsk region.

In 1991 the publishing house "Nov" published a small album of works "Valentin Tereschenko"

In 2001 publishing house "Spring - well" Milan, Italy, published a big catalogue of work by Valentin Tereshchenko "a Man without a place".

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