Filippovich Titov

Russia • 1902−1983

Biography and information

Thesis in the CVC - made, name unknown. The training took place in the graphical Department. Awarded the title of graphic artist.

People's artist of the RSFSR. The seascape. Author of works on military-Patriotic subject, was Born in the village of Nikolaevka of the former Trinity County Orenburg province. Studied in 1924-1930 later by D. I. Mitrokhin, V. M. Konashevich, N. A. Stipa. Participant of art exhibitions since 1937. Major works: "Salvo battleship October Revolution" (1948, the Central naval Museum), "Black sea" (1952, Bashkir state art Museum by M. V. Nesterov), "Squadron in the campaign" (1953, the State art Museum im. A. N. Radishchev), "Ships at sea" (1957, Simferopol art gallery), the "Heroic Baltika" (1970, CX USSR), "On maneuvers" (1972, MK USSR), "On maneuvers. In the ocean" (1972, CX USSR),"the Cruiser "Moskva" (1975, CX USSR), "Missile boats" (1975, MK USSR), "the Revolution was accomplished" (1977, MK USSR), "Morning at sea" (1978, MK USSR), "Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Kiev" (1979, MK USSR).