Alexandrovich Titov

Russia • born in 1926

Biography and information

Honored artist of the RSFSR. Muralist. Born in Bryansk. Studied at T. I. Katorkin. Participant of art exhibitions since 1950. Major works: "On the rapids of the Vitim" (1957, HF RSFSR), "New frontiers" (1967, MK RSFSR), "Steelworkers" (1968, serpuhovskiy Museum of history and art), "Distributors" (1969. MK RSFSR), "Pahari" (1969), a series of works about BAM (1974-1978), "the campfires" (1975, MK RSFSR), the mosaic panel "the twentieth century" (1975-1979, Voronezh nuclear station), "entry into the South Yakutia coal complex" (1979, g. Neryungri Yakutia), "Conquerors of the peaceful atom" (1979, Kola nuclear power plant).