Moiseevich Toidze

Russia • 1902−1985

Biography and information

Studied with his father M. Toidze and at the Tbilisi Academy of arts (graduated in 1930). Early paintings Toidze ("Light Ilyich", 1927, Museum of art of Oriental peoples, Moscow) played a significant role in the establishment of Soviet themes in Georgian domestic genre. Very emotional and recruiting power of posters created by Toidze in the years of the great Patriotic war of 1941-45; the world fame got his poster "the Motherland calls".


Repeatedly made, and as a book Illustrator (Fig. the book "History of Georgia", oil on paper, 1950). Heroic and dramatic force of the images are his illustrations to the poem of Shota Rustaveli "the knight in the Barsova skin" (ink, brush, pen, 1937; see Fig.). State prize of the USSR (1941, 1948, 1949, 1951). Awarded the order of Labor red banner and medals.

14(27).03.1902 (Tbilisi) — 1985

Graphic artist and painter. People's artist of the Georgian SSR (1980). One of the most famous artists of the Stalin era. He graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of fine arts (1930). Toidze - the author of the picture "Young Stalin reading a poem W. Rustaveli "the knight in the Panther's skin"" (it is known that Stalin, in young and Mature years have loved to read this great Georgian poem). During the war years, the artist executed a number of posters, including gained worldwide fame sheet "the Motherland calls!" (1941). Stalin poster liked. He ordered his print run of 5 million copies and distribute to all city committees and district committees of the party and the military in a secret packet with the inscription "to be opened by special order"

"On the original poster, - according to I. Bunich and Suvorov, among other data, there are the usual date signed for printing: "25 Dec 1940"". The same date is on the original of another famous poster "Under the banner of Lenin - forward to the West!" According to Bunich, this fact is one of the evidences that Stalin was planning an attack on Germany in 1941, and the poster of Toidze was considered a backup, in case of "if things don't go as we would like." The evening of June 22, both posters appeared on the walls of houses (I. Bunin Operation "Storm", or an Error in the third decimal. Vol. 2. SPb., 1994. P. 265).

I. Toidze - the winner of four Stalin prizes (1941, 1948, 1949, 1951). Awarded the order of red banner of Labor.

He died in Moscow. Pahoran on Conticom cemetery.

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