Germany • 1829−1910

Biography and information

He studied at the Academy of arts in düsseldorf (1845-48), 1852-60 worked in Paris, 1874-83 Professor of arts in Berlin. The representative of the düsseldorf school. K. wrote mainly genre paintings, subtly conveying the local particularities of the types and characters of the peasants of different regions of Germany (the"Children's party", 1869, national gallery, Berlin; "Meeting of peasants", 1873, Kunsthalle, Hamburg). However, the works they are devoid of the social generalizations and often idealized Patriarch, Gen.

the most significant painter of genre painter in Germany, one of the best representatives of the new düsseldorf school; b. in Wiesbaden in 1829; from 1846 to 1852, he studied at the düsseldorf Academy of arts under the guidance of K. Area and Schadow, spent a year in Italy and 8 years in Paris, during which learned a technique of the latest French painters, and attained to high skill, recognized him by the French.(...)

The works of K. testify to his subtle observation, the art to convey the character and spiritual movement of people of all ages and conditions, the ability to create scenes full of vital truth and imbued with the good-natured humor, a welcome party, a deep sense. The dignity of his paintings stands a superb picture, brilliant color and masterful writing. The area of his work his primarily way of life of German peasants and the General life of the lower class.