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Zakharovich Tryndyk


Biography and information


Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored artist of Kabardino-Balkar ASSR.

Born on 19 November in Ukraine in the village of Chetvertynivka. For several years he lived and worked in the Donbass, and in 1934. I arrived in Lugansk art school.

During the holidays, Nicholas is visited Kabardino-Balkaria, where he painted, wrote sketches. In 1937, his work "mountain girl-Girl" was accepted at the exhibition of works of young artists and students of art educational institutions of Ukraine in Kiev. This exhibition can be considered the first milestone in a creative way N. Z. The tryndyka.

In 1938, Nikolai Zakharovich coming to Nalchik. This time he ties his life and work with Kabardino-Balkaria. In the years of the cultural development of the Republic especially important was visual propaganda, and together with his colleagues Tryndyka writing posters. Panels, prepares festivals, etc.

A lot of useful brought him acquainted with guests from Kiev by famous artists A. A. Shovkunenko and A. I. Sirotenko, which contributed to the growth of professional skills of the young painter.

In 1939. established the organizational Bureau of the Union of artists of the KBASSR, which held the first national art exhibition. Nikolay Zaharovich was given on her twenty works - portraits, landscapes, still lifes. For them and for their active participation in organizing the exhibition, he was awarded the Honorary diploma of Management on Affairs of arts at Council of Ministers of KBASSR.

In April-may 1941 in Moscow opened the exhibition of young artists of the RSFSR, which was attended by N. Z.The tryndyka with their landscape "in the evening", received a positive evaluation: the twilight down under the silent Park, a light haze covered the horizon where newt in the glow of dawn the tops of the mountains, the stately calm breathing nature...

Came the Great Patriotic war. The tryndyka, working as the head of the art Department of the newspaper "Kabardino-Balkarian Pravda", simultaneously draws for "Window TASS" writes slogans, posters and appeals.

Since 1942 he is at the front - released Nalchik and other cities of the North Caucasus, Ukraine, participated in the Iasi-Kishinev operation, reached the capital of Bulgaria Sofia, where he graduated from their path. N. Z.The tryndyka was marked by numerous military awards. And at the front in a spare moment he took the brush and pencil. The theme of war was attended by his whole creative life.

1945 the Year of Victory. Demobilized artist returned to Nalchik. She is the head of the art Department of the newspaper "Kabardino-Balkarian Pravda", in sculpture and art workshops at the Office for the arts, combining all this with a persistent creative activity. In 1955 N. Z.The tryndyka was accepted as a member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

New ideas new incarnation ... In this period, the artist pays special attention to the transfer of States of nature, her connection with the life of the man-worker.

Eternal movement, the eternal renewal of nature is the arena of employment rights – this topic is convincingly revealed by the author in his works.

Getting acquainted with the exhibition in Moscow, people's artist SSSSR K. F. YUON drew attention to the painting "At the foot andyrchi" brush Tryndyka and he gave it a good review, noting the expressiveness of the composition, the delicacy of colors and a realistic perception of the world.

The artist refers to the relatively rare intimate quiet corners of the nature. He was more attracted to such places, which felt epic power, the mighty scope of land. Indicative in this respect the picture is "Gloomy Dali"

In 1961, opened the first personal exhibition of N. Z, Tryndyka, which summed up his twenty years of creative activity.

Man and nature – these concepts are woven together for a painter. He often turned to genre art – image of people "close-up" in the background and surrounded by landscape "Melody Highlander", "Ski" etc.

Genre thematic work more powerfully included in the artist's work. One of the most successful "Girl Balcarce".

Girl from the mountain village obviously during the holidays, it helps to work on the native farm. She rides a bullock cart loaded with milk cans. A common household scene. But under the brush of the author she develops into something more - a story about destiny of the young gorjanki. Not by chance the figure of a girl identified a clear silhouette against the sunlit mountain landscape. Due to this scenic, it acquired the features of a raised significance.

In 1967 he opened a second personal exhibition of N. Z.The tryndyka, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the artist. Anniversary exhibition showed the highest level of skill of the painter.

Another area of creativity, which enthusiastically engaged in the artist in the late 60's and early 70-ies is a monumental-decorative art. Murals, mosaic panels, made by Tryndyka adorn enterprises of Nalchik, cities and districts of the Republic.

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