Ivanovich Ufimtsev

Russia • 1899−1964

People's artist of Uzbekistan. Painter, graphic artist, theater artist, teacher. Born in the village of Barnica Shadrinsk County in the province of Yekaterinburg. In 1919 he visited the Studio of A. N. Klementyev in Omsk. Worked as an artist in the club of the red army. One of the organizers and participants of the Association "Chervonnaya Troika". In 1923 with N. Mamontov went to Central Asia. Worked in the theatres of Omsk and Tashkent. He taught at the Tashkent art College. The author of the memoirs "Speaking for myself" (M., 1973).

Born in the village of Burneika in the southern Urals.

After graduating in 1917, Omsk commercial College comes to study courses of drawing and painting, after graduating in 1919 Since that time the active creative activity of V. I. Ufimtseva.

In his early career, influenced by D. Burliuk, which at that time was in Omsk with creative performances, Ufimtsev keen on futurism and with his supporters form a group "Chervonnaya Troika" (by analogy with Moscow "Jack of diamonds").

In 1920, working in the club of the red Army and participated in visits to hitparade "111 international", which helps him in working out his creative position. The fascination with futurism and other latest trends in the art nevertheless does not destroy the realistic foundations of his artistic vision. From 1921 began to participate in exhibitions.

From 1923, the artist shall travel in Central Asia, the Far East, Caucasus, Siberia, which is of great importance in his creative development. He is trying different techniques and genres: from graphics and posters to large-scale paintings, working as an artist in various theaters of Siberia and Uzbekistan. In 1934 he had moved to Tashkent, where it flows further creative life.

By this time, hopefully, already an established artist. In his autobiography, 1935, he writes: "the last thing I have found after all the searching? A lot. Impressionism taught color. Futurism – quickness and resourcefulness. Cubism and constructivism given the stability, simplicity, fortress things, taught surface treatment. Realism – cheerfulness and health. But work is not over. The study proceeds. My Professor – the life and audience."

Since the mid 30-ies of the Ufa conducts extensive work on the organization of exhibitions and discussions, organizing the creative team with trips to new five-year plan, actively participates in the creation of the Union of artists of Uzbekistan. In 1940 he was elected its President in 1944 he was awarded the title of people's artist of the Uzbek SSR.

Ufimtsev's first painting of Uzbekistan has mastered the historical-revolutionary genre, and has achieved in this region the desired emotionally-active effectiveness of the artistic language.

In 50-ies. the artist works in the genre of still life and landscape, after foreign travel 1959-1961, he creates a series of gouaches "Afghan diary", "Tunisia", "Indian roads".

Ufimtsev constant participant of exhibitions of artists of the East. During 1959 – 1961 in Tashkent hosted three solo exhibitions.

In 1964, shortly before his death, the artist donated to the city Angren their work, which was the basis of the exhibition in the gallery named after him. On the eve of the 1965 Ufimtseva did not.

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