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Nikolaevich Fedorov

Russia • born in 1941

Biography and information

The poster. He graduated from the Moscow textile Institute (1964). Working in the field of entertaining poster and industrial graphic art.

The poster. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born on 23 January 1941 in Moscow.

Poster artist, book designer, graphic Illustrator, designer.

He graduated from the faculty of applied art of Moscow textile University in 1964. In 1969 he joined the Moscow Union of Artists. Party-Union, Russian and international exhibitions and competitions personal exhibition in the Netherlands and Germany.

Work in the poster began in 1964: posters for cinema, circus, Mosconcert, the state concert, theater, posters of sanprosvet. Later, as the result of personal motivations, posters, inspired by reflections on the events of our time, man.

Illustrated the Bible, myths of the world, Russian fairy tales, folk tales, Aesop, Charles Perrault, Shakespeare, Hans Christian Andersen, E. T. A. Hoffmann, Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Turgenev, English poetry for kids, English poetry of the absurd (Book of nonsense), Lewis Carroll, epigrams England, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, the texts of Russian and foreign contemporary authors. Worked with Russian and foreign publishers.

Exhibitions of the last years:

20th Exhibition of Moscow artists books, 2003

Suggerimenti di Tonino Guerra, Comune di Cervia, 2003, illustration.

Book illustration in Russia, Frankfurt, 2003

Author's socio-political poster, Moscow, 2003

10th all-Russian art exhibition, Moscow, 2004

Exhibition of illustrations to the "Book fair", Warsaw, 2004

Book fair, Paris, 2005

Book fair, Beijing, 2006

Book fair, Geneva, 2007

"75 years of Moscow Union of artists", Moscow, 2007-2008

State Museum of fine arts. Pushkin, exhibition of illustration, 2007

Awards:Exhibition of industrial design, exhibition center, 1965 – bronze medal.

II Moscow exhibition of circus poster 1969 – first prize.

Best poster of the year section of the poster, 1969, 1987

IV Biennale Internationale de L'affiche, Varsovie, 1972 – honorary diploma.

IV all-Union exhibition poster 1972 – a diploma.

The diploma of Moscow Union of artists for the best work of the year, 1973

I all-Union competition of health education poster "Health in your hands", 1976 – first prize.

European Creative Advertising Awards, 1990 – diploma of the finalist.

International contest "Is 90" - third prize

All-Russian competition "Art of book", 1980, 1996 – diploma.

The contest "Art of book" Kazakhstan, 1987 – first prize

Honorary diploma at the IV all-Russian competition of the book "Scarlet sails", Moscow, 2007

Golden placeta 21 Bienale illustracii, Bratislava, 2007

Work has been published in special editions and periodicals (in particular, "the 20th century of Russian book art", Vagrius, 2005), are in public and private collections.

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