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Ivanovich Filippov


Biography and information


Poster artist, painter, graphic artist, honored worker of culture of the Chuvash Republic and the Russian Federation.

Born 7 Nov 1923 in d. the Second Chekuri Mariinsko–Posadsky district of the Chuvash Republic.

The participant of the great Patriotic war. Worked as a teacher and Director of the school of art, Chairman of the Board of the Union of artists of Chuvashia, Chairman of the audit Committee, was elected Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic. He "... first professional Chuvash Plactic and that his work marks the emergence of the poster as a genre in Chuvash art" (O. I. Filippov : catalogue CA. works, internat. The 60th birthday and the 30th anniversary of the tvor. activities. - Cheboksary, 1983. - 21 S.).

Major works: a series of posters "Soviet youth - the Builder of communism", a series of posters on agriculture, a series of linocuts "Chuvashia", a series of political and commemorative posters, easel portraits, the badge "laureate of the young Communist League of Chuvashia them. M. Sespel'", etc.

A native of the village Marposadskoe district of the Chuvash Republic, O. I., Filippov, graduated from the Cheboksary high school in 1941, was not able to immediately fulfill your dream - learn to be an artist. Work at the factory, the army, the Transcaucasian Steppe, 2nd Ukrainian, and Transbaikal military awards - orders, medals, demobilization in 1947. Again, the plant has already been electric. And only in 1948, Orest Ivanovich became a third-year student of the Cheboksary art school with honors was zakonchil in 1951. Years 1951-1957 - studied in Moscow art Institute.In.And.Surikov, the famous Soviet graphic poster artist M. Cheremnykh. Already in his student years O. Filippov was the Creator of the posters that was published by Moscow publishing house, IZOGIZ. the years of study he collaborated with the Chuvash book publishing house, magazines Yalav, "Tavan Atal". Returning to Cheboksary in 1957,was appointed Director of the Cheboksary art school. In 1962, O. Filippov took part in the organization of the Studio Agitplakata in the Chuvash branch of Art Fund of RSFSR. With the name of O. Filippova associated further development of the Chuvash poster and part of this art form at the all-Union, all-Russian, Zonal and Republican exhibitions, designer of some of them, he was still in the Institute. Addressing various topics, O. I., Filippov necessarily relied on the imaginative response of the people of his native Republic. A striking example is the poster "glory to the Soviet Chuvash Republic" (1982). War veteran, O. Filippov remained loyal to the theme of the posters for the great battle and Victory of the country over fascism. While teaching work, administration in the Union of artists of Chuvashiya, the Deputy of the Supreme Council CHASSR, O. I., Filippov did not leave nor pencil nor pen, nor brush. Hundreds of landscapes, still lifes and portraits ... sure. Contacting the poster to the human form has heightened the attention to the portrait genre. How many fellow soldiers, the military, former veterans, and the peaceful life of people of art, among which flowed the life of the artist, captured in his graphic, pictorial series. A considerable number of portraits, and posters of the artist, are the property of the funds of the Chuvash state art Museum.About.And.Filippov was awarded the title of Honored worker of culture of Russia and Chuvashia.

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