Gavrilovich Khludov

Russia • 1850−1935

Biography and information

Painter, teacher. He studied at the Odessa drawing school (1872-74). From 1877 he lived in the city of Verny (later Alma-ATA), he taught drawing in secondary schools. Later played an important role in the preparation of the first Kazakh painters. Paintings of scenes from the life of the Kazakh people "in a storm" (1896), "Boy on a bull" (1907), "Milking of mares" (1908), "Messenger" (1916), etc.

Born November 25, 1850, in Orel province. Elementary art education in the Odessa school of art and private art studios of St. Petersburg.

Arrived in Kazakhstan in 1877 he Worked as a draftsman and later processed semirechensky regional Board, participated as a surveyor and artist in expeditions geologist I. V. Ignatiev and botanist A. N. Krasnov at the mountain research group of Khan-Tengri (1886) and Professor I. V. Mushketov for the study of the Verny earthquakes (1887); was a member of the Turkestan circle of archaeology Amateurs, the founder of Semirechye Department of the Russian geographical society.

Participation in expeditions, public service, travels with the land surveying gave the artist the ability to accurately discern and convey in everyday scenes, the spirit and originality of Kazakh people. Khludov paints landscapes, portraits and making sketches of everyday scenes, which served as a basis for the creation of numerous paintings dedicated to the life of the Kazakh people.

The artist managed to collect and display on his canvases huge material relating to the customs, the lifestyle of the Kazakhs, was the only person with a great work ethic, dedication and thirst for knowledge.

Work N.G.Khludov is stored in the Museum of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bishkek, Almaty. The most significant part of his legacy (211 paintings) are kept in the funds of the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan.

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