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Still life with lemons

Painting, 2016, 40×50 cm

Description of the artwork «Still life with lemons»

Your attention is invited to the picture "Still Life with Lemons", canvas, oil, the size in the frame is 50x60 cm (40х50 cm without frame, in the light).
Year of writing - 2016.
The work is done in the technique of "smooth painting" (Dutch).
This is a difficult and painstaking work.
Requiring the highest skill and patience, as the artist, in addition to working with a brush, also "smoothes out", polishes each layer in a special way, thereby achieving an amazing realistic image of all objects and the atmosphere of the air.
In this work, methods of harmonious coloring are used, methods of optical, aesthetic and handicraft character are richly used, which is necessary for realization of one main goal - to approach as near as possible to the real reflection of the surrounding reality. The artist accurately determined the main semitone in the picture, which is associated with the specificity of the atmospheric effect of the environment with its characteristic scattered light, the misty atmosphere reduces the tonal-color contrasts, immersing objects in a complex semi-tonal medium.
In nature, the color is in constant motion, which depends on the lighting, which changes every minute. In the picture, there is no movement of light, as there is no color change, since it is closed. Therefore, the painter goes beyond the limits of technical manipulation, he uses the optical organization of the colorful layers of the picture, all his possibilities to convey this changing natural light, applying the techniques of chiaroscuro and colored semitone.
This work is suitable for any interior, harmoniously organizing the space of the living room, dining area or the place that you choose yourself.
The author of the work is Khodyuk Alexander (Russia), member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2000, participant of numerous exhibitions. Works are in museums and private collections in Russia, China, USA, Korea, France, Austria.
The certificate is attached to the picture.
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О работе

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Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Still life

Style of art: Classicism, Realism, Symbolism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 2016

Size: 40×50 cm

Location: Andrey Volodin


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