Petrovna Tsvetkova

Russia • 1917−2007

Was born in Astrakhan, Russia. In 1935 he graduated from the Astrakhan art school. He was awarded orders and medals. People's artist of Ukraine since 1985. Lived and worked in Yalta.

People's artist of Ukraine, honorary citizen of Yalta, one of the best masters of still life in Ukraine, widely known for its life-affirming works.

The main theme of the works of the artist — the beauty of the Earth.

The variety of forms of this beauty she seeks to convey to the viewer. In her works surprisingly harmonious bold, bright color relationships.

Tsvetkov graduated from the Astrakhan art College, where a teacher was academician of the Petersburg Academy of arts, painter Pavel Alekseevich Vlasov, who graduated from this Academy, who honored the Holy realistic art and was able to inspire students a deep love for Russian culture. He laid in the future the artist the basics of realistic art that was later revealed in her work based on proximity to nature, the admiration of nature and joy of life.

Since 1930 -ies by V. P. Tsvetkova works in the portrait genre. In the 1940-ies it was created gallery of portraits of heroes of the great Patriotic war.

Since 1951 she is a permanent participant of Republican exhibitions, since 1955-Union. Its exhibitions were exhibited in the cities of Crimea, in Moscow, Kiev, Astrakhan, Pyatigorsk.

In 1967 and 1968 she participates in international exhibitions of women artists in Paris, and in 1970 — the exhibition of Ukrainian artists in Canada.

Tsvetkov travelled throughout the countries of the CIS and foreign countries: Italy, France, USA, Egypt, India, Turkey, Algeria, Lebanon. In these travels it is always with road sketchbook and every minute of work, and brings home hundreds of sketches and etudes. Her ability to keenly grasp the details and nuances of the observed, select, significant, colorful, makes her travel sketches. In urban landscapes, she captures the main architectural composition that reflects the greatness of ancient cities such as Alexandria or London, the narrow streets of nice and exciting Oriental exotic types of Cairo.

Linking the architecture with the landscape, it shows the identity of the depicted motif, and transmits the climatic features and national identity of architecture and way of life.

In her landscape painting the unique identity of the motif, where the transferred features and the uniqueness of the plant world.

The artist uses different techniques of painting and graphics: oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, crayon, maximizing the expressive potential of each technology, depending on the task, from the imaginative solutions. With a broad style and panache of the letters she is able to choose the shades and combinations represented.

"The main thing for me in painting is to convey the light, the light, the air, which gives life to all living things, as a motive, the beauty of our nature."

In the postwar years, she created numerous portraits of participants of the great Patriotic war, scientists, doctors and ordinary workers most is the people she knows, loves and who are close to her but to the spirit.

Looking at the portrait of world-renowned oncologist, winner of the Lenin award V. P. Zinkevych, people's artist of the USSR Glebova, doctor of medical Sciences Larisa Efimovna, Cirucci, PhD Stephanie Vasilevny, Tronenko, sincere feel more sympathy for him, and in the portrait of Olga Tvardovskaya reflected a thoughtful look and thinking about what they read, placed on his knees.

Thoughtfulness Tsvetkova, understanding what they see, the ability to admire the beauty of the world, to admire the flowers of spring, the lushness of summer and the Majesty of autumn, are the favorite motives of many of her works.

In landscape works "Mountain Crimea", "Yalta", "Laspi", "Evening", shows a certain state — the first in peace, and in the latter — the combination of warm and cold tones.

Before painting "Flowering Wisteria" Valentina for many years studied this plant, and made many sketches. The result is a colorful canvas depicting lush lilac-blue clusters of flowers.

These lilac colors, from purple to almost white in combination with blue, green, brown and yellow make it decorative and expressive.

Coloristic contrast transitions from green and pink-red to yellow, give a special sharpness color scheme in the "Flowering tree."

In the works Tsvetkova colors bright, simple and clean. It affects and influences the viewer simultaneously shows her passionate enthusiasm for the work.

Tsvetkova in the painting "Almond blossoms" showed through the delicate pink color of an almond tree blue sea of the Bay of Yalta.

Tsvetkova loved to write from the balcony of his Studio overlooking as the view of the mountains and the sea.

Works Tsvetkova bought the best museums in the world: the State Tretyakov gallery, Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, the State Museum of Ukrainian fine arts in Kyiv, a Museum of Bulgaria, Hungary, Canada, Japan, USA, France.

The beauty of the Crimean nature had a strong impact on the personality Tsvetkova, was decisive in the work of the artist. Her painting is luminous, colorful, life-affirming. In her paintings, born extraordinary fusion of colors, festival of the sun, air, light.

V. P. Tsvetkova sought to introduce the audience to his impression of a unique moment, a living contact with light and air environment.

The motives of its simple and unsophisticated blooming garden and ornamental plants of the South: Japanese quince, almond, lilac, Mimosa, Wisteria, Magnolia.

Air and light permeate all visible and constitute a unique pictorial background of the canvas.

In the Crimean anthology "Life of wonderful people of Crimea on Tsvetkova Valentina Petrovna published essay.

It is named after the small planet discovered September 4, 1987 by L. V. Zhuravleva at the Crimean astrophysical Observatory and registered in international catalogue under No. 10729.

Solo exhibitions: Yalta, Simferopol, Kiev, Moscow, Astrakhan, Paris.

The works by V. P. Tsvetkova are in the Museum of Ukrainian art in Kiev, Kharkov, Sumy, Simferopol, Astrakhan art museums.

Paintings purchased for private collections in Germany, USA, France, England, Israel, Turkey, Italy.

In the night from 26 to 27 November in Yalta, on 91-m to year of life has died the national artist of Ukraine, member of National Union of artists of Ukraine, honorary citizen of Yalta, Valentina Tsvetkova.

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