Nikolaevich Tselkov

Russia • born in 1934

Biography and information

Born in Moscow on July 15, 1934 in the family of employees. In 1949-1953 he studied at the Moscow secondary art school, then at the Minsk theater Institute, where he was expelled for "formalism". Enrolling in 1955 in Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I. E. Repin, was forced to interrupt their studies there for the same reason. In 1958 he graduated from the Leningrad theatrical Institute (where he attended a course N. P.Akimova) on a speciality the artist-technologist scene. Since then he lived in Moscow.

Fond of beautifully-textured search in the spirit of "Jack of diamonds". In the 1960-ies showed their stuff on the housing and semi-official exhibitions. Then finally took shape and personal style, close to surrealism. His "heroes" were strange round-headed creatures with eyes into slits and persons like adherent glossy masks. Written in bright, shimmering colors (usually red tones on a black background), these "mutants" are sometimes whole groups, parodying paintings by old masters (Consumers of watermelon, 1963, private collection, new York). They are often perceived as picturesque caricatures of Homo soveticus, although it would be better to see them as images of modern humanity as such. Sometimes the artist gave them, and sarcastic self-portrait character (self-Portrait with Rembrandt on the day of birth July 15, 1971, private collection, Moscow).

In 1977 he emigrated, settling in Paris. Special assistance in entering the art market he had nakhamkin gallery (new York), but beyond that his "poster" catchy images constantly become a popular artistic symbols of the Russian "underground". In 1980-1990-ies Tselkov enhanced the tonal beginning, enveloping shapes with a vague haze, often increased the size of the canvases, turning them into wall murals.

Born into a family of economists working at an aircraft factory. From 1949 to 1953 he studied at mshsh. One year studied at the Minsk art Institute, a year — at the Academy of fine arts im. I. E. Repin Leningrad and were excluded for ideological reasons[source not specified 553 days]. Was admitted to the Institute of theatre and cinema, where he completed his education. In 1961 he moved to Moscow.

His first solo show was in 1965 at the Institute of atomic physics. Kurchatova in Moscow. Since the 1970s, exhibiting in Europe and the United States.

Since 1960, the paintings "Portrait", over the next forty years of painting develops a single story — the images of deformed human faces and figures, reminiscent of sinister masks or anthropomorphic mutants. His portraits have become a kind of reaction to the new formal methods of the severe style. A special feature of his paintings, "stereotyped", large scale and bright aniline colors. The work was influenced by the modern primitives and late Malevich.

In 1977 he accepted the offer of "authorities" to leave the USSR. Lives in Paris.

In 2004 personal exhibition in Russian Museum and State Tretyakov gallery.