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Konstantinovich Tsereteli
born in 1934
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Corresponding member of the Royal Academy of fine arts of San Fernando in Madrid (Spain), foreign member of the Academy of fine arts of France, Professor Brokerskaja University of fine arts (new York, USA), member of the European Academy of arts and Sciences. Twice winner of the State prize of Russia, laureate of Picasso, the winner of the Prize for contemporary art 2000 "International recognition" - "Golden hand" (France)

Born January 4, 1934 in Tbilisi. His father Konstantin Georgievich (1903−2002) is known in Georgia as a civil engineer. Mother — Tamara Nizharadze (1910−1991). A significant influence on inquisitive and perceptive child had an uncle, his mother’s brother, the famous painter George Nijaradze. In his house, where he spent a considerable part of his time, constantly there were major cultural figures, prominent artists — David Kakabadze, Sergo Kobuladze, Ucha Japaridze, and many others. They were the first teachers was fond of the fine arts boys.

Zurab Tsereteli graduated from the painting Department of the Tbilisi Academy of arts, he worked at the Institute of history, archaeology and Ethnography of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.

In 1964, studied in Paris, where he associated with prominent artists Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall.

Since late 1960-ies started to work actively in the field of monumental art. In addition to Russia, his sculptural works are located in Brazil, UK, Spain, USA, France, Japan and Lithuania.

In 2003 for special services Zurab Tsereteli, the Russian Federation, Russian President Vladimir Putin, he was given Russian citizenship.

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