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Frantsevich Tsionglinsky

Russia • 1858−1912

Student of physics and mathematics faculty of Warsaw University Ivan Franzevich Tsionglinskiy visited at the same time and drawing classes at the Warsaw art school. Passion for painting overcame youthful aspirations to be an exact science. Former student goes to St. Petersburg (1879), to enter the Academy of arts. The study was for I. Tsionglinskogo very successful, after two small and two large silver medals he in 1884 for the curriculum "the parable of the rich and Lazarus" is a small gold medal. In 1885 I. F. Tsionglinsky graduated from the academic course in the rank of class artist of the first degree.

He is fond of portrait painting. Widely known for his written in plein air landscapes. Had the artist and to the historical paintings, among which a special interest was aroused by the painting "Maria Potocka in the harem of Bakhchisarai".

In 1902, the artist is rewarded with the honorary title of academician. In 1911 I. F. Tsionglinsky becomes a full member of the Academy of fine arts.

Painter, was born in 1858 in Warsaw, received a General education in there the 3rd high school, where he graduated in 1876, and then to 1878 was a student at the University of Warsaw. Doing it the medical Sciences, he nevertheless attended the Warsaw drawing class and growing more and more fond love for art, which finally prompted him to leave the University to go to St. Petersburg to enroll in the Imperial Academy of Arts. In it, he was volnoprihodyaschim student first, and then academics. Received during classes in school Academy, two small and two large silver medals (1880 and 1881), he wrote on the competition program picture: "the parable of the rich man and Lazarus" that brought him in 1884, a small gold medal, and then in the following year, the execution of another program on the topic: "Ovcha pool", and was released from the Academy with the title of artist 1st degree. Since that time his works - portraits, genre and historical paintings did not cease to be on academic and other St. Petersburg exhibitions. One of them, a beautiful portrait of a young lady, is in the Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander III . From 1886 C. is a teacher at the drawing school of the Imperial Society for the encouragement of arts.

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