Nikitich Chechnev

Russia • born in 1907

Biography and information

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored worker of culture of the RSFSR.

Born in the village Lopukhovka atkarsky district. In 1924, after graduating from high school, arrives in Saratov in 1925, arrives in the Saratov industrial art College. Among his teachers - A. A. Sapozhnikov, F. V. Belousov, V. M. Usticke, P. S. Utkin.

After graduating from College A. N. Chechnya is in the House of the red Army as a graphic designer, cooperates with the lower Volga publishing house, tries his hand as a theater artist.

In 1936 A. N. Chechnya together with A. I. Larin wins the competition for the design of the Saratov pavilion WSVH and went to work in Moscow. The work at the exhibition lasted until 1941, and received an excellent rating of the government Commission.

With the outbreak of war A. N. Chechnya again in Saratov, where he soon became one of the founders and later head of the creative team, creating campaign Windows at the city party Committee; a member of the "Association of artists" render all possible assistance to their colleagues who were evacuated from Moscow and Ukraine. In the postwar years A. N. Chechnya became Chairman of the Saratov branch of Union of artists of the RSFSR, head of standing Commission for culture and the arts at city Council, a Deputy of which he was 10 years old, and in 1958, takes the post of chief artist of the city.

In the 50-60-ies of the A. N. Chechnya lot of work as muralist: together with other artists engaged in the decoration of the Saratov celosvetove, working on a sketch of the mosaic on the end of the administrative building on the street, performs the stained glass Windows in the theatre "Teremok".

Paintings and graphic works of the artist are stored in the collections Radischevskaya Museum and works from the collection of N.. Chechnevoy, for the most part, devoted to the construction of the embankment and bridge across the Volga.