Carl Friedrich von

Sweden • 1759−1818
A representative from the national fine art school of Sweden
Years of life 1759-1818 (XVIII-XIX century)

Carl Frederick von Breda is a graduate of the Stockholm Academy of arts. His creative personality formed on the basis of the best traditions of Swedish culture. In the second half of the eighteenth century occurred the dawn of all kinds of fine art on the basis of the best traditions of national art schools and cultural values.
One of the traditions of the Stockholm Academy of fine arts is the tradition of studying the artistic heritage of European traditions of fine art.
At the end of the Academy in 1787 Carl Friedrich von Breda was sent to England to continue his studies in the Studio of a recognized portrait painter D. Reynolds.
Under the direction of master Carl Friedrich von Breda eliminates individual, unique to his work, the painting techniques. His artistic skill is formed by a thin perception of shades of colors, becomes relaxed manner of the author's handwriting of the artist.
The final work of the English period of the master is considered to be a canvas portrait of the Italian singer Theresa Vandoni, written in 1797. The color gamma of the artwork master is built on a complex composition of ochre, the glow of the deepest shades of dark gold hidden part of the canvas, and the bright shimmer of these colors in the illuminated areas of the portrait. Elegiac reverie portrait, deep contemplation of the landscape, tranquility and inner peace, make the composition of a portrait considered to be a masterpiece. The careful technique of a masterpiece prescribes every detail of the portrait of the singer.
In 1797 Karl Friedrich von Breda returned home to Sweden. He opens his own art Studio. His artistic works have been given high recognition and fame in the circles of the Swedish nobility. Master receives enough orders. Creative work on the execution of the paintings gives him pleasure.
One of the best works in that period is a portrait of his father, written in 1797. The image of his father, depicted on canvas, the artist provides an opportunity to see the viewer in a mysterious and romantic aspect. Artistic brushwork of the portrait of father are distinguished by great expressive brushstrokes of the master. Energetic and free manner the master of the brush made the compositional centre of the artwork is the figure, face and eyes, depicted on the canvas of the father, the center of the completed artwork. The semantic significance of the artwork highlighted by the image of unique light effect of the picture.
It is the creativity of portraiture masters pushed him into a galaxy of the leading portrait painters of Sweden. The artwork of Karl Friedrich von Breda has had a progressive influence on the development of national art. The best traditions of the school masters are stored by the followers and admirers of his work for present and future generations.
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