Ivanovich Sheloumov (Shelumov)

Russia • 1892−1983

Born in Balta, Odessa region. In 1904 he took private drawing lessons. In 1908 he joined the OXY, then he studied in the class of battle painting in St. Petersburg Academy of arts.. Samokish. In 1914 he volunteered for the front. Began service as a private, and finished the war as a cornet of the 10th Uhlan regiment of Odessa. Made sketches of war scenes and military life. In 1920, with parts of the White army was evacuated in Gallipoli (Turkey), then to the skhs Kingdom (Serbs, Croats and Slovenes). Has gained popularity as a painter of battle scenes. Often painted landscapes of the Russian steppe with horses and hunting scenes. In 1930 participated in a Large exhibition of Russian art in Belgrade. From 1945 lived in Starnberg, near Munich. In 1962, held in Munich, the exhibition, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the war of 1812, as well as a number of solo exhibitions (1972, 1978, 1979). Works are kept in museums of Yugoslavia, Germany and the USA.

The painter. Born in 1892 in Kamenetz-Podolsk. In 1900 his family moved to Balt. Began to draw in Balta, impressed horses, brought in the famous Baltic fair. Special impression on the artist produced the so-called horse mobilization in connection with the Russian-Japanese war in 1904, when an unprecedented number of horses of all colors and breeds were pulled in to the Balt. At the moment 12-year-old artist decides he will dedicate myself to drawing horses. In 1904-1908, he receives private drawing lessons. Since 1908 he studied at the Odessa art school, after which he continued his studies at the Academy of fine arts, the famous painter Samokish. World and the Civil war interrupted the training, but the artist never missed an opportunity to sketch from nature. After the revolution emigrated. During his stay in Yugoslavia with a group of artists he organized a traveling exhibition in Belgrade and province of Vojvodina, which is a huge success. Later lived in Bavaria. His works are in such museums as the Yugoslav Museum of military history, Russian cavalry Museum in new York (U. Cavalry Museum), etc.

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