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Alexandrovich Shillingovsky

Russia • 1881−1942

Biography and information


Student of the Academy of arts from 1912 to 1914 31 Oct 1914 the title of the artist's etchings: "the Flight into Egypt" and "Lot" (see painters).


Born in Chisinau on 16 (28) February 1881 in the family of artist-decorator. Studied at the Odessa art school (1895-1900), in particular with K. K. Kostandi, and then in the Petersburg Academy of arts (1901 to 1914) D. N. Kardovsky and VV mate. Lived in St. Petersburg/Leningrad.

He worked mainly with etching (1902), engravings on linoleum and wood (1912), lithograph (1924). Already in his early stuff (the etchings on the theme of the Bible, 1914) joined the neoclassical direction inside the art Nouveau stylizing your crisp and clear composition, a retrospective and elegiac in mood things "under the old masters". Created in this spirit a number of landscape cycles (etchings the Balkans, 1912-1913; woodcuts Calais, 1924; etc.), the most significant of which is a series of woodcuts Petersburg. Ruins and revival (1922-1923), interpret the motives of the post-revolutionary city on the Neva river in the spirit of classic-Baroque "landscape of ruins". Later it things blend in with the track "return to tradition" characteristic of the art 1930-1940-ies (cycles: Pushkin reserve, lithographs, 1926-1937; Kakheti, lithograph, 1935; the Besieged city, woodcuts, 1941-1942). Acted as a portraitist (self-portrait, woodcut, 1925) and master of art books. The best sample of his book design – design of Homer's Odyssey in the spirit of ancient Greek black-figure ceramic (woodcut, 1935).

Worked as a teacher at the Higher art and technical Institute (VHUTEIN), then transformed into the Academy of fine arts (1921-1929, 1935-1937).

Shillingovsky died in Leningrad on 5 April 1942.