Andreevna Shilovskaya

Russia • 1916−2001

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born on April 10, 1916 in Petrograd in a family of artist-architect.

In the years 1936-1938 he studied at the Russian Academy of Arts (VAKH).

In 1940, T. A. Shilovskaya began to work with the pupil in the mosaic workshop at the WAAG.

In 1945 he moved to Moscow for execution by mosaic of the Palace of Soviets.

Participates in the creation of a panel of the Moscow metro stations "Kiev", "Komsomolskaya", and also the mosaics of the Moscow State University.

In 1947, on the recommendation of P. D. Corina was a member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

T. A. Shilovsky participated in all the seasonal exhibitions of the monumental section of the Moscow Union.

During all the years of working in the field of monumental art Shilovsky didn't leave lessons in tempera painting.

In 1993, he held a joint creative exhibition "Shilovskaya - Lukashevker - Gridin".

Works by T. A. Shilovskaya was purchased by the Art Fund of the Union of Artists of Russia and the Museum of fine arts. Of A. S. Pushkin.

In 1990 began a fruitful collaboration with T. A. Shilovskaya gallery "Les Oreades".

Held a personal exhibition of Moscow artist in Paris, Toulouse, Luchon, Bordeaux.

Her work has taken part at the international fair of galleries in Geneva (1991) and in Moscow, "Art-Myth" (1991, 1993).

In 1993 - first personal exhibition of T. A. Shilovsky in Moscow. Gallery "Les Oreades".

Died in 2000 in the village Bayevo near St. Petersburg.

Works by Tamara Andreevna Shilovsky are stored in Russian museums, in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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