Dmitrievich Shmarov

France • 1874−1950

Biography and information

Was born in Voronezh. Studied at the Voronezh district school and was engaged in drawing under the direction of L. Solovyov. In 1894 he entered the Academy of fine arts in the Studio of I. Repin. In 1899 he received the title of artist and a gold medal. 1916 - the academician. In 1923 he emigrated first to Italy and then to France, where he lived until the end of his days.

Born in Voronezh, Pavel Dmitrievich Shmarov studied in the district school and in parallel studied drawing under the guidance of a local artist. From 1894 to 1899 was a student of the Academy of fine arts, worked in the Studio of I. E. Repin. In November 1899 he was awarded the title of artist for the painting "Woe to the vanquished". With the title won a gold medal and the right to pensionerstvo overseas, which was used in the years 1900-1902. Shmarova featured a great capacity for work and interest in various genres of painting. He painted portraits, created decorative panels, designed productions, was the author of genre and battle paintings. In 1916 he was awarded the title of academician. Often at the fronts of the First world war, where he brought sketches and drawings. From 1923, in exile in France. Died in Paris.

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