Mikhailovich Shmokhin

Russia • born in 1940

Biography and information

In 2004 awarded the title “Honored artist of Russia”.

Lives and works in Moscow.

1966-1972 Studies at the graphic faculty of the Moscow state art Institute named after V. I. Surikov in the Studio of easel graphics under the guidance of academician E. A. Kibrik.

Prior to that, he studied at the following schools:

1962-1965 at the Azerbaijan state art College.

1965-1966 at the Moscow art school of Memory of 1905.

1966 takes part in the annual youth exhibitions of artists.

Since 1972 Member of the Association of young artists of Moscow organization of artists ' Union of the RSFSR.

1975 Membership of the Union of artists of the USSR. The participant of Republican, all-Union and international exhibitions.

May 2, 1940 was born in Baku.

The works were awarded with diplomas, certificates and awards are the property of the Union of artists of the RSFSR and the USSR, the Ministry of culture of the RSFSR and the USSR, art galleries, art museums and private collections. More than 62 meetings, among them:

The Moscow memorial Museum of cosmonautics;

National Museum of fine arts. A. S. Pushkin;

Museum of the Moscow state Conservatory. N. Rubinstein;

- Museum of Yuri Gagarin (Gzhatsk);

- The Museum of Astronautics and aerodynamics (Washington, USA);

Museum Of Karl Marx (Trier, Germany);

Museum of modern art (Aachen, Germany);

Museums and galleries of Russia in the cities of Ivanovo, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Kuibyshev, Novokuznetsk, Novorossisk, Norilsk, eagle, Pavlodar, the Arctic port of Tiksi, Tomsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk;

- Embassy of Russia in Helsinki (Finland), Hanoi (Vietnam) and Tokyo (Japan);

- Vienna international center "UNO city" (Vienna, Austria);

- A collection of paintings by Zambian presidential Palace (Lusaka, Zambia);

- Russian cultural center (Damascus, Syria);

- Art galleries in Austria: "Nuditas" (Salzburg), "Sterngasse" (Vienna), "Kaminsky" (kitzbühel);

- Private collection of works of art by Alexander Lupica (Vienna, Austria);

"The Traxel Crouptm" (Hanover, Germany).