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Channel Graveline, a Large Fort-Philippe

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1888, 65×81 cm • Oil, Canvas

Description of the artwork «Channel Graveline, a Large Fort-Philippe»

Channel Graveline Sulfur wrote more than once. The creation pointillistically technique of the paintings of large size, to which he had a passion, demanded too much time and effort. Therefore, after the famous "Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte" Seurat was fond of seascapes. Every summer, beginning in 1885, he went to sea and painted it (1, 2, 3).

Here, the Sulfur did not go up with the Impressionists. South of France –blessed place, beloved by artists. But he was away for the summer on the cool coast of Normandy, with its faded colors and greyness. Seascapes Seurat immersed in a fantastic haze, they really could have been written only here, where nature screams and whispers. Sera said that revels in light imagery.

The light here is not so unrestrained and scorching as at Arles, not festive as in nice, it is soft and deep, it seems it is possible to see with the naked eye. Moreover, it seems that it did Sera, expanding it to an infinite number of points, and showed us.

Flat sand dunes in the North of France alternate with rocky cliffs – a great opportunity to test the theory of emotional lines. Long, deserted beaches, endless horizon, clear sky, transformed by the brush of Sera, creating a feeling of almost unbelievable harmony. The landscapes Seurat, like almost all his works there is a sense of frozen time. But if sometimes it terribly, sometimes this technique exposes the vulgarity and hypocrisy what is happening that the movement might sound exciting, the "Big Fort-Philippe", frozen in time or outside of time, does not look the scenery, and the portal to the fourth dimension, a door to the unknown, wide open on the canvas.

Perhaps his landscapes are correctly described by the artist Amed The Ozanfanom: "Sulphur is the same refined, like a dry champagne. Do you love champagne? Otherwise, I will not persuade you. Everyone is free to choose lemonade because we live in a democratic society".

Author: Alain Esaulova
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Landscape
Style of art and technique: Pointillism, Oil

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