Petrovich Zhigulin

Russia • born in 1954

Biography and information

Born - Ufa 21 April 1954.

Selected Exhibitions:

1977 exhibition of Ufa

1984 Republican exhibition of Ufa

1984 participation in the exhibition informal d/K "Gas" Leningrad

1985 Exhibition of informal "youth House" Leningrad

1987 Exhibition with gr. "Island" in Elagin Palace

1987 Exhibition at d/K

1988 Austria Vienna, Finland Helsinki

1989 England London

1991 France Paris, Normandy, Soothill, Rouen, Saint-Zharmen, Lyon, executing murals in Sootel France

1992-1994 Exhibition in Russia

1993 Participation in the auctions /Switzerland Zurich

1995 "Nevsky palass" house Museum Samoilov with gr. "The island"

1995-1999 Exhibition in the galleries of St. Petersburg

2000 Exhibition in the business center "Severnaya Palmira" Saint-Petersburg