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Natalia Zaloznaya
Russia born in 1960
Biography and information

Born in 1960 in Minsk in a family of artist Mikola Zaloznaya. In 1985 he graduated from the Belarusian theatre and art Institute.

Personal exhibitions:

1992 — national art Museum of Belarus. Minsk, Belarus

1997 — KulturKontakt. Vienna, Austria — Bibliothek Kunstelerhaus. Boswil, Switzerland

1998 — d Haudrecy Gallery. Knock, Belgium — Gertsev Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2001 — Marsha Child Contemporary Gallery. Princeton, NJ, USA

2002 — Covalenco Gallery. Geldrop, The Netherlands; Septentrion Gallery. Marcq-EN-Baroeul, France; Espace Blanche Gallery. Brussels, Belgium; Paradigma Art Gallery. Brussels, Belgium; Gertsev Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2003 — Galerie Marc Van Meensel, Zelem-Halen, Belgium; Galerie Covalenco, Geldrop, The Netherlands

2004 — Royden Prior Gallery, Eton, UK; Gertsev Gallery, Atlanta, USA; Gallery Lilia Zakirova, Heusden, the Netherlands; Galerie "Septentrion", Marcq-EN-Baroeul, Belgium

2005 — Spectrum Gallery, London, UK (with I. Tishin); Gallery Lilia Zakirova, Heusden, the Netherlands;Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Group exhibitions:

1990 — "the gallery". National art Museum of Belarus. Minsk, Belarus — "ART-MIF". Moscow, Russia

1992 — "Lessons of bad art". Minsk, Belarus

1993 — Barbasan Gallery. Saragossa, Spain

1994 — Liebshaft. Minsk, Belarus — "Belarusian artists". CHA. Moscow, Russia — "Seven artists from Russia". Bratislava, Nitra, Slovakia — "art from Minsk". Bonn. Germany

1995 — "Europ'art". Geneva, Switzerland — "the gallery". National art Museum of Belarus. Minsk, Belarus

1996 — "Bel-Art-Transit". CHA. Moscow, Russia — Pieter Breughel Gallery. Amsterdam. Holland — "Index of reality" Gertsev Gallery. Moscow, Russia

1997−2001 — From the Gertsev Gallery collection. Moscow, Russia

1999 — "Communication Front". Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2002 — "New Art of Belarus". Center for contemporary art. Warsaw, Poland; Galerie Covalenko, Geldrop, The Netherlands

2003 —"Art from Minsk" Kunsthof-88, Almelo, Holland

2004 —Galerie "Group 2", Brussels, Belgium; Gallery Lilia Zakirova, Heusden, Holland

2005 —51st Venice Biennale, Italy; Gallery LINK, Gent, Belgium

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Natalia Zaloznaya. Exercise # 94
€10 700
Exercise # 94
Natalia Zaloznaya
2015, 130×180 cm
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Natalia Zaloznaya. Exercise # 94
€10 700
Exercise # 94
2015, 130×180 cm
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