Vitalevna Marinina

Russia • born in 1970

Biography and information

Painter-monumentalist, member of the Moscow Union of artists.

• 1986 - 1990.g. - The Moscow art school of memory of 1905.

• 1993 - 1999.g. - Moscow state Academic art Institute. V. I. Surikov.

• 1996. - internship in Germany, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe (curators of the project “Mercedes-Benz”, “Lufthansa”, L-Bank).


1993.- Stuttgart gallery “Nikolaj”, Exhibition of Russian artists, 1996.- Karlsruhe, “Ausstellung der Stipendiaten 1996”, 1997. Hong Kong, “Russian Oil Painting Exhibition”, 1998. The international Slavic Cultural center “Profess Christianity”, 1999. - 9-th Exhibition Manege, 2000. – Artmani, 2001. – "Seasons" Central house of artists, 2002. – ARTSALON, CHA, 2002. – "The monumentalists of Moscow" Central house of artists, 2002. Architectural festival "Zodchestvo" Manege, 2003. 70 MOA arena, 2003. – V international salon of high style and luxury "LUXURY" Hotel Metropol, 2004. 50 CX MDI MOA, 2004. – Personal exhibition Russian cultural center of science and arts in Warsaw, 2006. – Exhibition in the halls of the Ministry of agriculture on Starosadsky, 2006. - "The monumentalists of Moscow" Central house of artists, 2007. - "The monumentalists of Moscow" Central house of artists, 2008.- 75 years of the Moscow Union of artists Central house of artists.

A monumental work

1999-2000.g. - reconstruction of the murals of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in the altar on the small dome of the Eastern chapel and the dome of Covalli, 2000. - list of columns in the Hall of Church councils, 2000. - painted Russian restaurant hall of the Russian Academy of Arts on Prechistenka, 2001. - Painting in the Church of the Nativity of Mary S. Weekly Maloyaroslavets, 2003. - Painting and a sketch of the dome of the Church of St. Seraphim Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, 2001-2004. - Mosaic and murals in the suburban mansion p. Zhukovka, 2005 - Mosaic. The emblem of the Moscow region and the coat of Arms of Odintsovo for the interior of school N 16 p. Trekhgorka, 2005. – Mosaic garden of Eden Interior, 2005. - The painting and the sketch of the ceiling of the Cathedral of our lady of Kazan at the Kazan station, 2006-2007.- mosaics and wall-paintings in the Church of the Holy Trinity on the Sparrow hills, the temple of the Sign Mother of God of the Voronezh oblast.

Works are in private collections in Russia, Italy, Germany, China, Hong Kong, France, USA, Canada, Israel, Korea.

Mosaic "Capitoline wolf" (115х230см), art Gallery of Zurab Tsereteli.

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