Russia • born in 1924

Biography and information

Moldabekov Itumbi (15 may 1924 - 21 Sep 2001) – Soviet and Kazakh artist, painter, muralist, theatre designer, teacher, member of Union of Artists, participant of the second world war.

Moldabekov A. - one of the first Kazakh professional theatre artists-Directors, they were designed over 20 theatrical productions: "Shurale" F. Yarullina (1956), "Kaschey the immortal" by Rimsky-Korsakov N.. (1957), "Road of friendship" AV, N., Stepanova L., manaeva E. (1958), "Kambar and Nazim" by V. Velikanova (1959), "Floria Tosca" by Puccini J., "Windsor gossips" Nicholas O. and others.

Taught special courses in the Alma-ATA art College named after N. In. Gogol. Worked as an inspector for purchase of works of art from artists of Kazakhstan and the Soviet Union to replenish the Fund of the art gallery and the Directorate of art exhibitions. In the mid 1960-ies was the Chief Artist of the Art Fund of Kazakhstan, then the Chairman of the Fund.

Moldabekov is one of the brightest representatives of painters of Kazakhstan of the second half of the twentieth century.

Well-known works (various years): "Spring 1945", "Difficult years", "the name of the Revolution," "Friends," "military Years", "Comrade", "rear", "1942", "Land", "Motherland", "Defeated the banners," the Wagon of death. The birth of S. Seifullin" (co-authored with the artist K. Kuznetsov), "Colleagues", "Portrait Bekkhozhin", "daughter's Portrait", "Portrait of the Artist Hideaway", "Warm day", "New house", "Portrait of son", "Conversation with the ancestors", "Shakar. Death of a poet", "Altynsarin", "Fight of the eagle and the Wolf", "Return of warriors" and others.
In 1990-e years A. Moldabekova captivate philosophical themes, epics and Proverbs. Works: "Sizeby", "Arba", "Apple of discord", "Mary, mother of Jesus", "Prometheus", "Icarus", the series "Adam and eve", "Wedding in Kazakh".