Russia • born in 1926

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored art worker of the Kazakh SSR.

Born in Kyzyl-Orda oblast in 1926 graphic arts Classes began in Kuibyshev during the war. Then he studied at the Moscow art school, in 1955 he graduated from the art faculty of the all-Union Institute of cinematography in Moscow. Since 1955, Sakhi works at the Studio "Kazakhfilm".

The name Sakhi Romanov widely known outside of Kazakhstan. Its main specialty - the artist movie, he is also known as painter and graphic artist. To divide the work of the artist at the easel, and film is impossible. It is one piece and uniform, in whatever form or genre it is manifest, marked with the seal of originality and imaginative brilliance. The artist, who is currently in his Prime, is a Prime contribution to the Treasury of fine arts of Kazakhstan.

The main works. A series of illustrations for a Kazakh folk tale "the Forty mares" (1955), the series "the Life and works of Kurmangazy" (1960), "Evening over Zhailau" ( (1957), "Song of labor" (1958), "Youth" (1960), "Folk masters" (1964), "Conversation" (1965), a series of sketches "Ush-Conger" (1960), "Bayanaul" (1964), "Portrait of O. Suleimenov" (1965), graphic series "the Past of the Kazakhs" (1965), "Scenes from life" (1965-1971), "Suuk-Tyube", "Mangyshlak" (1967), "Jambul", "hurzuf" (1968), "Toraigyr" (1969), "Ayak-Kalkan" (1969), "Kuy. The liberation from chains," "the Oath. The decree on land", "Under the sky of the Motherland", "t", "the Portrait of sh. Aimanov", "self-Portrait" (1973), the triptych "Bread" (1980).

Sketches for the films "We live here" (1957), "Way of life" (1959), "Traces go beyond the horizon" (1962), "in jest and in earnest" (1963), "Beardless deceiver" (1964), "a journey of a thousand miles" (1967), "At the foot of Nasatya" (1969), "Pursuit in the desert" (1978).

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