Ivanovich Rudiaga

Russia • born in 1958

Biography and information

25.12.1958 was born in Pisky-rad'kivs'ki Kharkiv region, Ukraine.

Lives in Tiraspol.

Graduated from Kharkiv art.- prom. College faculty "Interior and equipment" -1983 G.

Participates in exhibitions since 1977

A member of the artists Union of Transnistria.

Works in easel painting (home painting, landscape, still life; style: expressive realism).

Main exhibitions:


Moldova, Tiraspol. Art gallery, 1997

Ukraine, Kiev. Gallery "Pectoral". Awardee of all-Ukrainian competition,1999.

Russia, Moscow. CHA – 2002

Of Moldova, Chisinau. The OSCE mission – 2004


Moldova, Chisinau – Romania, Bacau – 1996

Ukraine, Odessa. International exhibition "Marina -2000", Marine gallery, 2000

Romania, Bucharest. Exhibition "Artists of the Republic of Moldova", the Palace of the Parliament in 2005.

The artist's work was exhibited at the exhibition "Russian branch of pictorial tree of Moldova", organized by Association of Russian artists of Moldova "M-ART" dedicated to the Day of Russia in the exhibition hall skhm them. K. Brancusi, Chisinau, 06.2005 G.

Works of the artist are in Bendery and Tiraspol art galleries, galleries them. K. Brancusi in Bucharest, as well as in private collections in Moldova and abroad.

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