Viktorovich Ryzhenko

Russia • 1970−2014

Biography and information

Born in 1970 in Kaluga. In 1982 he entered the Moscow secondary art school at the Surikov Institute. In 1990, the Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture, studied with Professor, people's artist of Russia Ilya Glazunov. In 1996 defended thesis film "Kalka". From 1996 to 1999 - years as an independent artist. Since 1999 he teaches at the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in the Composition Department.


About his work the artist says: "I suggest people take another look at our ambiguous past, full of tragic events, which in its entirety is manifested the great spirit of our people. To understand that we are not a gray mass, not the so-called "electorate", and the people with a rich history and identity. I want to believe that I offer people an alternative to the mass, "tawdry" culture that makes us forget about the main questions of life".


Painting Ryzhenko is a cleverly written pattern, destroying our indifference to the great history of Russia. They awaken in us the desire to make yourself better, to Express the inner spirit of a powerful, hot and uncompromising desire, as he himself says, "to see Russia strong and free from sin."

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