Russia • born in 1963

Biography and information

Was born in Moscow.

1987 Graduated from the Moscow Art School "Memory 1905".


Personal exhibitions:

1990 Municipal exhibition hall (Oktyabrskaya St., Moscow);

1991 "Gallery Neo-shag" (Petrovskie linii, 1/20, Moscow);

1993 Central House Of Artists (Moscow);

1995 "Gallery 101" (Melbourne, Australia);

1995 "the Autumn marathon" (Central House of Artist, Moscow);

1996 Exhibition-competition "Europe Plus 15" (Central House of Artist, Moscow);

1998 "the Passions for Darwin" (the Gallery "New Collection", Moscow);

1999 ART-Manege (Moscow);

2000 "case of the border" (Gallery "New Collection", Moscow);


Group exhibitions (selection):

1991/93 ART MIF (Manege, Moscow);

1992/93/94/95/96 "Neo-shag" before Christmas" (Central House of Artist, Moscow);

1992/93 "Artists of two capitals" (Exhibition hall of Artists Union, St. Petersburg);

1993/94/95/96/97 "Art Frankfurt" (Germany);

1994 "Arte Fiera" (Bologna, Italy);

1994/96 "ACAF" (Melbourne, Australia);

1996/97 "ARCO" (Madrid, Spain);

1997 "Kunst Zurich" (Switzerland);

1997 "Kunst Wien" (Austria);

1997/98 Gallery "New Collection" (Moscow);