Russia • born in 1959

Biography and information

Was born in 1959. in Spassk-Dalniy in the military family.

After graduating from secondary school and art school in Smolensk joined the Belarusian state theatre and art Institute in Minsk, which he graduated from in 1982.

Then - service in army.

Beginning of professional activities coincided with the active creative work in graphics and posters. Participant in numerous international, inter-regional and all-Union competitions and exhibitions.

1988. - member of the Artists Union of the USSR.

The main theme of creativity - the theme of unity of man and nature, the theme of ecology. Involved in graphics and painting, interior design.

Favorite technique – watercolor.

1985. International competition political poster, Moscow, GDR, Czechoslovakia.

1988. All-Union exhibition of posters “Restructuring and we”, Moscow, the prize of the Komsomol.

1988. International exhibition of graphics and poster, Japan, honorable mention.

1989. Inter-Republic competition “book Art, poster”, Tashkent, diploma.

1990. Inter-Republican competitive exhibition of posters, Alma-ATA,

the incentive bonus.

1990. 1 exhibition. Spectacular poster 1986 – 1990. Odessa

1995. Making a Christmas showcase with the use of art painting – recognized as the best festive decorations in Moscow.

2000. Moscow international art salon “CHA-2000”.

2001. Moscow international art salon “CHA-2001”.

2002. Moscow international art salon “CHA-2002”.

2002. Exhibition of Moscow Union of artists, Kuznetsk bridge, Moscow.

2003. Moscow international art salon “CHA-2003”.

2003. Exhibition of Moscow Union of artists “Artists town”, the Kuznetsk bridge, Moscow.

2005. Moscow international art salon “CHA-2005”.

2005. Personal exhibition “colors of life”, Art gallery of National Polotsk historical and cultural Museum-reserve

in the framework of the II International ecological festival, Belarus.

2005. Solo exhibition, State exhibition hall “na Kashirke”

Moscow. 2006. Moscow international art salon “CHA-2006”.

Lives and works in Moscow. Member of Moscow Union of artists.

The artist's works of different years are in the state

and private collections in Russia and countries near and far abroad.

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