Alexandrovich Toporkov

Russia • 1885−1937

He studied in Moscow, in the private Studio of the artist V. N. Meshkov and the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under A. Arkhipov and K. Korovin. In 1922, he became a member of AHRR (Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia), became a member of the Central Council of this organization. Party and the majority of art exhibitions in Russia in the period 1920-30. Works of D. A. Toporkov presented in the state Tretyakov gallery (Moscow) and in many other museums of Russia.

Biography catalogue of the hood. the exhibition "15 years of RKKA". Moscow 1933

Toporkov Dmitry (1885) initial art education at the St. Petersburg Stieglitz school.

After leaving school he entered the Moscow school of painting, from which he graduated in 1914 at the workshop of K. A. Korovin and S. V. Malyutin.

To participate in the exhibitions began with the 1910

From 1914 to 1918 was in the old army.

In 1918 he was drafted into the red army where he served in the Leningrad and Western fronts until the end of the civil war. He was a member of AXP. Participant of exhibitions to mark the fifth anniversary and a decade of RCA.

Has work in the Museum of the red army, etc.

(Picture: "Meeting soldiers OKDA", "Exit mounted battery to the open position." Oil.)

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