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Konstantinovich Charugin
born in 1961
Biography and information

Works are in the Picture gallery Krasnoarmeysk.

Born in 1961 in Moscow. In 1985 he graduated from Moscow GOV’t. khudozh. Institute. V. I. Surikov (mast. K. A. Tutevol). A member of Moscow with 1990 Since 1981 he participates in the youth, Republican and international exhibitions. Works are in the Yekaterinburg picture gallery, the Museum of Modern art at Petrovka (Moscow), in Russian and foreign private collections, private collections and galleries of USA, France, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Holland.

(Source: website of the Moscow Union of artists)

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    Alexey Konstantinovich Charugin. Night walk
    215,000.00 ₽
    Alexey Konstantinovich Charugin. Red steamer
    200,000.00 ₽
    Alexey Konstantinovich Charugin. Garden
    215,000.00 ₽
    Alexey Konstantinovich Charugin. Red fish
    231,000.00 ₽
    Artworks by the artist
    4 artworks total · 4 offered for sale
    200,000.00 ₽
    2018, 8×13 cm
    215,000.00 ₽
    2019, 11×11.5 cm
    231,000.00 ₽
    2019, 12×12 cm
    215,000.00 ₽
    2013, 10×11.6 cm
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