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Ivanovich Karpenko

born in 1956

Biography and information


Born in 1956 in Sverdlovsk.

In 1981 he graduated from the Sverdlovsk Institute of architecture. Professional artist.

Works in the technique of classical oil painting scumbling and unique graphics: coated paperboard, Glubochanka gouache, needle.

His proizvedeniia mixed genre structure, similar to the genre of allegorical songs.

In the works of O. Karpenko – his personal mythology as a particular way of thinking about the world and man in it. The main component of the myth – Hero: the Knight, the angel, the virgin the symbols interpreting reality that are not reducible to what is reflected. The artist hides in the metaphorical images that do not have unambiguous interpretation as have no distinct interpretation of dreams, is mediated by language which speaks to us in our subconscious.

The paintings resemble the images on the ancient tapestries that adorn the walls of European castles. His favorite subjects – severe male fun: battles and hunting. Helmets, spears, swords, cloaks were the symbols of high dignity, courage and the search for adventure. And parallel world: solitude, prayer, service to the Great Lady. Women's images are sublime, almost ethereal. It is rather the emanation of femininity, dreams of escaping beauty unattainable as the horizon line.

Style O. Karpenko complex, loaded with game of associations. The artist reveals the hidden energy of color, its mystical ability to mix with other flowers, finding a different essence.

Images of animals, birds, fish in the works of O. Karpenko, like the color, metaphorical, being powerful tools to create a certain mood. Yellow-orange claws of dogs in "the Transformations of the moon" and resemble the petals of marigold (calendula), and graceful female charms. Beautiful animals and beautiful women – painting captivates the imagination of the artist.

Since 1986 he has participated in exhibitions in Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Holland, Denmark.

Works of the artist are in the Ekaterinburg Museum of fine arts, the collection of Patriarch of All Russia Alexy II, private and corporate collections in Russia and foreign countries.

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