Dmitrievich Kizevalter

Russia • born in 1955

Biography and information

Was born in Moscow.

In 1977 graduated from the Moscow state pedagogical Institute. V. I. Lenin.

A member of the avant-garde and the International Federation of artists.

In any Assembly work

Works are in the art Museum in Bern, Switzerland private collections in Switzerland, USA, Germany, France, Spain.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1986-the 17th exhibition of young artists. Moscow;

1986 Exhibition. Embassy Of Malta. Moscow;

1987 Art of today II. The club of young artists. Budapest;

1987 Exhibition of young artists. Central House of cinema. Moscow;

1988 the Maze. The Palace of youth. Moscow, Warsaw;

1988 the art. Basel. Switzerland;

1988 the art. Chicago. USA;

1989 Exhibition. Club Avant-Gardists. The New Jerusalem. Moscow oblast;

1989 Cheap art. The first gallery. Moscow;

1989 Expensive art. The Palace of youth. Moscow;

1989 Labyrinth. Hamburg. Germany;

1990 towards the object. Exhibition hall Kashirka. Moscow;

1990 towards the object. Stedeliyk Museum. Amsterdam;

1990 Shitcity. Club avant-gardists. The pavilion ENEA. Moscow;

1990 Personal exhibition. Gallery F. Duran. Madrid;

1990 Summer Studio. Hanover. Germany;

1991 Perspectives of conceptualism. The University Of Hawaii. Honolulu, New York.

The author about himself

"I began to investigate the nature of art" (COSATU) in the mid-70s under the strong influence of the newly formed circle of "Moscow romantic conceptualism" (B. Groys), which then consisted of 15-20 artists and poets. Among them, I. Kabakov, E. Bulatov, V. Pivovarov, A., Rubinstein. "My research" was then in two directions: in the field of painting and graphics and the field of performance - the group "CD", of which I was during all years of its existence 1976-89. Later, in the early 80s, I was interested in the development of post-conceptual ideas in photography and literature. Subsequently, I identified art as form of existence of the individual.

Balancing 70-ies (and earlier) between open dissidence and lies officially - glossy stagnation of "socialist realism", the artist underground has chosen "home avenged", and, in particular, as a way of survival. Considering himself a disciple and follower of I. Kabakov, for a long time I developed the "author character", where the real author was not invented first picture, and a certain mythical artist who creates series of works.

The real artist, as a rule, completely removed from the created image, a myth and no emotion towards the created work does not feel.

The second thing I always preached in his works - the multidimensionality of the picture. It is appropriate to recall two statements: "Art occurs at the intersection of languages" (Barthes) and "Art is postfieldsize reality, consisting in the study of the generation of meanings in the culture" (George. Kossuth).

Balancing on faces of different layers of civilization, at the junction of irony, spirituality and kitsch, combining sometimes incompatible, I'm trying to convey the meaning open to the viewer.


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