Vasilyevich Kotukhin

Russia • 1886−1961

Biography and information

Was born in Palekh. Honored art worker of the RSFSR (1935), people's artist of the RSFSR (1956). Member of the Union of artists of the RSFSR in 1934. Hereditary icon painter, the elder brother of Vladimir Kotahena. In the years 1896-1902 he studied at platinia in the workshop of N. M.Safonova. In 1902-1909, he worked at the workshop of the brothers Belousovich. Painted the walls of churches in the Samara province. In 1909-1914 years worked in Moscow in the icon painting Studio of A. A. Glazunov. Restored murals in the Chudov monasteries and Savino (Zvenigorod). In the evenings he attended the courses at A. P. Bolshakov and F. I. Rerberg. Member of the first world war. Awarded the George cross 4th degree. In December 1917 he returned to Palekh. Was christiansteven. In 1921 he engaged in the painting of wooden products and toys in cooperative artistic and decorative painting. In 1922 he joined the workshop of Glazunov in Moscow. Several times, along with Glazunov went to Fedoskino to study the production.

One of the founders of art Palekh lacquer miniature. Was one of the organizers of the Palekh Artel of ancient painting (4 December 1924), was its first President (until December 1926). The author of Palekh manufacturing technology papier-mache. In the years 1943-1960 taught at the Palekh art school. Awarded the medal "For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war" (1945). In 1952 he was paralyzed, but in spite of the illness, A. V. Kotuhin continued to work. Died 5 may 1961, buried in Palekh.

Kotuhin were distinguished by ornamental craftsmanship of thumbnail completion gold. He was the first among the studios, Palekh, his work has addressed the themes of fairy tales of Pushkin. Was engaged in monumental painting (painting of the Palaces of pioneers in Ivanovo (1937), Leningrad (1936), the Yaroslavl theatre of the young spectator in Saratov), restoration (frescoes of the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin (1947)), painted porcelain, book illustration (the epic "Duke Stepanovich" (1936)). Themes of works: folklore, history, literature, genre scenes. Participated in exhibitions since 1923.

The work of A. V. Kotuhin are stored in museums: gmpi, the state Russian Museum, state Tretyakov gallery, Vanini, PIM, SHAMS, Ivanovo OC, NGKHM, CMRI.