Remzievich Mamutov

Russia • born in 1966

Biography and information

Born in the city of Andijan, Uzbekistan, on 21 January 1966. He graduated from art-graphic faculty Nizhny Tagil State pedagogical Institute in 1990. Lives and works in Nizhny Tagil.

A short creative biography:

Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 2001.

The scholar of the Ministry of culture of Sverdlovsk region in 2004.

The associate Professor of painting Department of Nizhny Tagil social-pedagogical Academy, art-graphic faculty.

Major exhibitions and projects:

1989 - Republican exhibition "Youth of Russia". Moscow

1990 - "artists of Nizhny Tagil in Sverdlovsk". Sverdlovsk.

1992 - Zonal exhibition "Ural". Kurgan.

1992 - Environmental exhibition. Central house of artists, Moscow.

1994 - Exhibition gallery "Esther". Diploma. Ekaterinburg.

1997 - regional exhibition "Ural". Ufa.

1999 - participant of the exhibition project "Meeting distantsirovaniya allusions" held by the Museum of fine arts of the city N. Tagil in the framework of the Readings-99, "Contemporary art: history, trends, prospects. NCCA Moscow.

2000 - Moscow international art salon - 2000.

2001 - Second international Biennale of graphic art. Novosibirsk.

2001 Curatorial project "Ecology of emptiness". Curated by artist Sergei Bryukhanov. N. Tagil.

2002 - participant of the project "Eurasian syndrome". Project curator, art historian Tamara Galeeva. Yekaterinburg – Karaganda.

2003 - "Graphics Nizhny Tagil 1990-ies: trends, characters, institutional context". CSK USU them. A. M. Gorky. Ekaterinburg.

2003 - Third international Biennale of graphic art. Novosibirsk.

2004 - Second independent Biennale of graphic art "BIN-2004". Saint-Petersburg.

2006 - Participant of the project "Russian colors", by "modern art Gallery" in Ekaterinburg in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic.

2006 - international competition of drawing them. Andriolli, Poland.

2007 - V international Biennale of graphic art. Novosibirsk.

Personal exhibitions:

1999 - Exhibition "East – West". Fine arts Museum of Yekaterinburg.

2000 - Museum of young people. Ekaterinburg.

2001 - "Paintings and objects". Gallery "Okno", Chelyabinsk. With the support of the Soros Foundation.

2003 - Gallery "Rathauz". Froendenberg, Germany.

2004 - "Collages". Exhibition hall of the Sverdlovsk regional universal scientific library. V. G. Belinsky.

2005 - "Painting, graphics". Exhibition hall of art school of Revda.

2006 - "Painting, graphics". Gallery of modern art, Yekaterinburg Charity Fund "Sinara".

Works are in the Ekaterinburg Museum of fine arts, the Ekaterinburg office of the Fund of culture, Nizhny Tagil Museum of fine arts, in private collections of Russia, Austria, Germany, USA.

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