Mikhailovich Moskalev

Russia • born in 1962

Biography and information

Was born in Leningrad. He began to study the art of etching and aquatint in 1989, and in 1990 became one of the founders of the artists group “Iron seeds.”

Andrew original artist, his work combines what seems normal view and his own interpretation of the inner essence of objects. His work is eclectic and constantly changing, the main themes of a steel nature, religion, the essence of artistic creativity and of course his beloved Saint Petersburg. Andrew inspire emotions of daily life, he is interested in the internal world of the city and its inhabitants. Sometimes it creates instantly recognisable images of the city, but it often happens that the artist shows to the audience their own vision of these places, in which he tries to manifest the spirit of St. Petersburg. What can we see in such works as "Light", "March", "Cool spot", "12". Series of etchings on a religious topic was not accidental, the artist has passed long path of spiritual search. Andrew, Orthodox Christian, and his understanding of the faith is reflected in the etchings "the life-giving Cross", "Noah's ark", "the Book of life" and so on. Painting post-Impressionists, especially van Gogh and Gauguin had on his work is a strong influence, which resulted in a series of works devoted to these artists. His works are well sold and are in private collections around the

the world, including countries such as USA, France, Spain, Mexico and of course Russia.

Andrey Moskalev participated in the following exhibitions:

Belgie - Sint_Niklaas-Internationale exlibriswedstrijd-"EROS"-1991

Canada-Toronto-6 Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art-1992

Russia - Saint-Petersburg - Gallery "Borey" - "Other Petersburg"-1993

France-Chamalieres-III Triennale Mondiale dEstampes Petit Format-1994

Poland-Ostrow Wielkopolski-1995

Belgie-Sint_Niklaas-Internationale exlibriswedstrijd-"'ECOLOGIE"-1995

Russia - Saint-Petersburg —Gallery "Silver age". The exhibition “Iron on