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born in 1964

Born January 17, 1964 in Kharkov.

According to the artist, he managed to create a very creative system, the Central idea of which is belonging to a spiritual tradition. Pictures of Alexander Nemnoshko is primarily fixing the spiritual experience of the artist and his worldview.

On the creative method and Outlook of the artist was influenced by the painting of Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt, the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, music by I. S. Bach and the German ensemble Maeror Tri, the philosophical works of Mircea Eliade, Rene Guenon and father Seraphim rose.

Married to the love Pavlovna Nenkovski.

In 1988-1990 he is a regular participant of the exhibition in Izmailovo.

Then Alexander Nenkovski takes part in several exhibitions.

In 1990 - "Best artists of the Vernissage of the exhibition of economic achievements USSR."

In 1991 held a series of exhibitions: "13 Moscow artists" (Moscow), "little Georgia in the Manege" (Moscow), exhibition in Belgium.

In 1992-1994 of his work are permanently on display in the exhibition halls of the Central house of artists in Moscow.

Paintings created in the technique of multi-layered oil painting, reminiscent of how about painting the Renaissance and the tradition of metaphysical painting.

In March 1996 he held his first solo exhibition of Alexander Nemnoshko "Golden age for the iron Registan" (Central house of artist, Moscow).

In January 1997 it also took the next solo exhibition - "the Myth of the divine Darkness".

In September 1997, the exhibition "Eternal return" takes place in the gallery "cork street, 27" in London.

Alexander Nemnoshko purchased by private collectors in Russia, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium.

In December-January 1997/98 in Moscow, an exhibition "the Gold of the thousandth sunset."

Music exhibitions create a special space for perception of the works of Alexander Nemnoshko. In particular, there were works of composers of Baroque and contemporary music in the style of ambient.

In 1999, the artist designed the album, "Collective Archives" Swedish music project Raison DEtre.

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