Andreevich Peklenkov

Russia • born in 1935

Member of the Union of artists of Russia, awarded many state awards, diplomas, prizes. His paintings are in public and private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, USA and other countries. The artist has had solo exhibitions, participated in international exhibitions, including Cuba (1985, 1986, 1987) and Chile (1993, 1998, 1999).

The artist's work does not fit into any of the current trends. This realism and the fantastic realism and figurative painting, and something very personal. In his works, the artist strives to philosophical-poetic understanding of global issues, the interaction of spirit and matter, to the realization of man's place in the universe.

Peter Belenkov was born on 8 July 1935 in the city of Roslavl of the Smolensk region. His ancestors at the end of the XVII century was taken from the South of Ukraine in Smolensk province for protection of the Russian Western borders. The father of Peter, Andrew, was executed by German fascist invaders during the great Patriotic voyny.

Little Peter was always drawn to the brush. Subsequently, the young man graduated from the Kiev art College of applied arts and Kiev state University, faculty of international relations. Becoming a diplomat, Peter Belenkov never ceased to be creative. His creations are born in between the main job.

Diplomatic career left a mark in art, and what. In his paintings he reflected what I went through and saw. He saw a lot. Eight years working in Cuba, two years in Chile, have repeatedly visited the countries of Western Europe, South Africa. Was an eyewitness of state and government coups in Hungary, Chile and Angola. Colleagues joke: "wherever Peter Belenkov, there happened a coup." "Shooting again, again blood, —says the artist — in my work I somewhere had a premonition of some events".

In the picture of "Globalization", which occupies a considerable part of the walls, Pyotr Andreyevich showed that "peace will come to the end of a single world government under the auspices of the United Nations".

All the artist's paintings is a picture of the future. It is surprising that a former politician has a special gift of foresight and premonition. "Here's the painting with the severed head — I foreshadowed a fiasco, when the Soviet Union decided to send troops to Afghanistan" — says the artist. The basis of the artist's work — philosophy. However, at the exhibition you can see the scenery. As a native speaker of Russian and "foreign" nature. Russia is snow-covered fields, of course, a beautiful autumn. And the tropics — palm trees, evergreen dense forests.

Nona Christie, the art critic, says about the paintings of this artist: "In his works no eventfulness. There are on-the-fly caught the theme of life. Peter Belenkov — scholar in the field of world culture. But this does not prevent him to look for your topics, your career, your unique individual style, recognizable at the prestigious exhibitions".

Creative suffering Pyotr Andreyevich experienced. The head is always swarming thoughts, which are then transferred to the canvas. Born and "Eternal race" — the base speed of the light fantastic horses. "Lonely" is written in yellow colours pattern — kind of an endless desert, a lone tree and the same traveler. Here, the artist expressed his idea that all people are lonely, regardless of age. And the artist says that constantly reminds people that it is necessary "to be human, and does not sink to a low level."

(From the article Ksenia Selezneva "Amazing", the weekly "Quorum", 4.6.2008)

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