Russia • born in 1970

Born in 1970 in the village of Adamovka in Orenburg region in the family of a serviceman. From 1987 to 1992 accident he studied at the radio engineering Institute. Being already an artist, enjoyed great prestige as fellow students and teachers. Absolutely free visit and his workshop in the Institute. From 1990 to 1992 he studied at the Minsk National University Campaign Design and decorative arts, constantly had mental conversations with teachers for the brandy and other beverages. He received the diploma of the artist-decorator 6-th digit. In 1991, together with a group of associates organized a creative Union of the "Yellow house". 91-92гг. participated in exhibitions of the Association in Minsk, and Germany. Since 1999, has personal exhibitions. Works in painting and graphic techniques, sculpture.Works are in private collections in Russia, Belarus, France, Germany, England, Sweden, and other countries.

Personal exhibitions:

1999. – "Nadia and Epiphanes". Moscow. CHA.

2000. – "Men and angels". Gallery Of Barbara Engel. Obon. Switzerland.

2001. Gallery "Jay-Kay". Lozana. Switzerland.

2001. Museum of naive art "Fyns Runst Hus". Odense. Denmark.

2002. – "Zvyazda". Moscow. CHA. Hall 18.

2002. "People in the streets and squares". Moscow. Center for architecture and design "Labyrinth".

2002.- Gallery "Sillack". Dresden. Germany.

2003.- Skagen. Denmark.

2003.- Gallery "Svenshog".Lund. Sweden.

2004.- The Museum of naive art "Fyns Kunst Hus". Odense. Denmark.

2005.- "Tree" art-house "Subway". Minsk

2006.- "Unplanned recycling" exhibition of welded sculpture. Minsk.

2007.- Gallery "Rectoverso" painting, sculpture. Luxembourg.

2007.- Gallery "DiDi", St. Petersburg.

2009.- Gallery "DiDi", St. Petersburg.

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