Grigorievich Grigoriev (Savushkin)

Russia • 1916−1990

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Painter and graphic artist, honored and people's artist of the Chuvash Republic, laureate of the State prize of Chuvashia them. K. Ivanov, participant of the great Patriotic war.

Born November 12, 1916 in the Small D. Gvozdkov Novgorod region.

A graduate of the St. Petersburg Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin. Worked as a designer of the Ural turbine works, a lecturer, head of teaching Department of the Cheboksary art school. He created gallery of portraits of outstanding figures of literature, art, science, workers of the national economy: P. Huzinga, J. Ohsa, F. Lukina, G. Kirby, B. Alekseeva, V. Kuzmina and others. His work "on the earth, familiar, everyday, excited, filled with civil pathos and however carefully–careful thinking about the people, about the fate of men" ( Grigoriev–Savushkin P. Paul G. Grigoriev-subject : catalogue CA. works. - Cheboksary, 1976. – P.4).

Major works: "Lincke–linkki", "Traveling wedding", "Portrait of people's artist of the USSR V. K. Kuzmina," "Portrait of M. S. Spiridonova", etc.

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