Stepanovich Doschennikov

Russia • 1812−1893
Ivan Stepanovich was born a serf Stroganoff, was born in 1812 in the village of New Usolye. Wrote 27 icons for the iconostasis of the Church of Dobrianka, icons for Bilimbaevskoy Church (not preserved), Novo-Nikolskaya in the village of New Usolye. According to his daughter, Gorbunova, R. I., did the same painting of the dome of Novo-Nikolskaya Church. Worked as a teacher of drawing in the village of New Usolye. Paintings are stored in Berezniki historical and art Museum, the Sverdlovsk regional Museum. Some icons are in the current Church of S. eagle Perm region.Have Died in the village of Jurici Solikamsk district in 1893.

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