Andreevich Zhdaha (Smaglia)

Ukraine • 1855−1927

Biography and information

Landscape painter, graphic. From 1881 he studied at the Odessa drawing school. 1890 exhibited at the exhibitions of the "Society of South Russian artists". Member of the society. Kostandi (1924-1927). Taught at Odessa art Institute (1924-1927).

Born in the city of Ochakov of the Nikolaev area. Ukrainian schedule. From 1881 visited ORCHIES. Designed and illustrated books, mainly from the history of Ukraine "Chorna Rada" by P. Kulish (1901), "the Story of A. Holovaty" by M. Komar (1901), "Tchaikovsky" E. Combs, "Kobzar" by T. Shevchenko. In 1911 - 1914 he created a large series of drawings on the themes of Ukrainian folk songs for postcards with texts and notes.

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